Dr. John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke shot to prominence in the 1970s as the original ‘people’s poet’.

Since then his career has spanned cultures, audiences, art forms and continents.

Today, JCC is as relevant and vibrant as ever, and his influence just as visible on today’s pop culture. Aside from his trademark ‘look’ continuing to resonate with fashionistas young and old, and his poetry included on national curriculum syllabus, his effect on modern music is huge.

His influence can also be heard in the satirical and keen social observations of artists such as 'Plan 'B and the 'Arctic Monkeys'. Alex Turner, frontman of the Arctic Monkeys cites him as a huge inspiration and this was highlighted by the band's cover of JCC's I wanna be yours on their critically acclaimed fifth studio album 'AM'. In addition, UK rapper Plan B featured John's performance poetry in his directional film debut 'Ill Manors', their duet Pity The Plight appears in the movie and on the film's hit soundtrack.


These collaborations means that John has been involved in two global number one albums in the last few years.


John's poetry book The Luckiest Guy Alive which was released in 2018 provides gags and riffs are as vital, distinctive and hilarious as ever. Seeing him live is a chance to see a legend at the top of his game.

 John's long awaited autobiography will be released through Picador Macmillan on 15th October 2020, followed by The I Wanna Be Yours Tour throughout 2021.


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